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Sunday, July 23, 2006

New comment on The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown - Links

"Hell, look at IBM. They ruled the computing world with an iron fist, in a way that MS is only a pale imitation of, for a couple of *decades* and the DoJ never got a anti-trust charge to stick."

If you listen to yourself sir, you will note a certain vicious tone, a shrill greed a sound of f-u, f'm all attitude. I want to thank you for so clearly demonstrating the reason why Microsoft has been tagged for its greed so often. But, on to an analysis of your comment:

Yes, lets look at IBM: dedicated teams using open source, inventors of the OPEN hardware standard for the personal computer on which so many softies have been able to shaft their fellow customers, and the best part about IBM is they actually trusted Microsoft to play fair, not once, but twice and on both occasions MS shoved it in their face. You notice they did not get shafted a third time. They don't get nailed for monopolistic behavior because they don't. Like the Europeans, a thousand years of history, sort of matures the perspective a bit.

A note to Mini: thanks for returning the blog back to the crispy side. Much more f***ing entertaining. After all most of us are human.

(Bounced because it was opening up a non-Microsoftie debate thread)


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