Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Peace Out from Juan - New comment on Mini, a Devil, and Fine Whine.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Mini, a Devil, and Fine Whine":

>>"The problem is that we don't seem to have ANYONE with any special, unique spark of insight at the partner level."

Ho'k man, Juan heere, I am ready now to werk at Microsoft. Meesterr bill, he come to Mexico Ceety and he say 'seend us your wurkers.' Ho'kay, heeere I am, I want to be partner at Microsoft eh. I am that guuuy weeeth special uniq insite at thee partner level man. My first theeng i wood do to take a peecture of me flaoting so peeple theenking I amm reel smart to lift my body above theengs. Yaah. Theen I will maak new zun to bee quality mariachi music box, so all my freends at Walmart can buy one.

And, I weel make a special gift to the states of Californa, Oragun, and Wushinton man to feex the rest stops because so many honchos from all ovr the werld can't seem to hit the urenal and you have to walk on the pee of the werld just to take a leek man.

H'kay mini I theenk you are meesing the stooory here. Eets about the werld man, cooming to America to bee reech, to werk for Meester Bill, reel cheep.

deed you ever notice man, that peece and piiss sound the same when you are from Mehico?

(I had been throwing all of Juan's comments into the bit bucket. Here's to surfacing one on the Cutting Room Floor.)


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