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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Scoble Hater - New comment on Bad Mini, Scoble's Exit, and Truthiness - Links

Dan Guy has left a new comment on your post "Bad Mini, Scoble's Exit, and Truthiness - Links":

"I sure hope you look at the totality of someone's work and don't throw it out cause they made one little mistake on the 15th page of a spec."

Someone whose body of work is largely composed of giggling obnoxiously when conducting interviews and interrupting interviewees to throw his two cents in shouldn't try to fall back on the "totality of [his] work".

Scoble had nothing going for him but arrogance and a first-mover advantage.

(People really crapped on Scoble in the blog comments; I had reached my fill by this point, Dan.)


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