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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Maturity would be good - New comment on Beyond Redmond Product Groups

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Beyond Redmond Product Groups":

How interesting that Microsoft employees can't even disagree and counter one another with a small amount of respect. I guess this is what happens when people who appear to be angry, bitter and disallusioned find one another on the internet - they get to backhand one another anonymously under the illusion that they are creating real change, all the while just venting out of their own little personal corner of the Microsoft world, attempting to draw huge conclusions based on their narrowed experience.

If you can't respect your company and one another enough to treat one another with a bit more decency on an anonymous forum? Perhaps whether or not your emotional maturity (or lack theorof) might be a part of the problems causing you so much angst.

I don't like Microsoft, but I'm embarrassed for all of you. And I hope Microsoft finds a whole new crop of people who a a bit more thankful or at bare minimum, a bit more able to discuss their issues with one another with some maturity.

Thanks Mini - you're doing the competition more favors through this blog than you've ever realized.

(I appreciate your points on maturity and civility, but don't come here from the outside and just outright bang-up folks participating. And the competition should know better than to indulge in chuckling complacency because of what they read here. The discussion of problems bubble up, and that causes more change than you know.)


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