Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Orange Scarfed Dementor Brigade and Other Wrongs

I'm deleting comments on my Company Meeting post that were offended over nothing. I feel leaving them on the post in question asserts a truth that is not true. Call me revisionist.


(1) Mini, I'm sick of reading confidential material posted here. Today you've posted at least one item that isn't intended for public disclosure at this stage, and you're making me and others mad by providing a forum for the disgruntled, not the constructive. Lisa's provided an alternative that allows us to have a free and open discussion without having every competitor or journalist see our dirty laundry, but you're just too addicted to the glory and the notoriety to stop now, it seems.

But if you care about Microsoft, you'd stop now.

Best wishes,

Disgusted of building 18.


(2) You Crappy piece of sh*t! some things are supposed to be MS confidential you didn't have to spill out everything that happened in the company meeting (some stuff was meant to be a surprise, stuff we've never shown to public yet)

"Mini - this is it. Either you start your constructive comments WITHIN microsoft, or please just leave the company." --> Sometimes I think you write your own comments.


(3) Hey Mini, cheers.

I read your blog once in a while with interest, but I have an increasing feeling that the same thing happens to you as with most crowd-facing people (not saying crowd-loving... yet). Things like: Losing the original spirit. Crawling for more attention. BECOMING more and more a product of your audience than whatever you were once.

But this post left me disgusted. Why the need to spill out gratuitously some of the confidential projects that we are working on? OK, maybe someone would have leaked them anyway, but WHY it has to be you?

Somehow you got an "honor" status for fighting for issues that affected everyone of us. Thanks for doing that. But don't lose stupidly your honor. Not this way...

There is a reason Google is not leaking their stuff. Maybe we have similar reasons. Think about it...

Mini-Microsoft Microsoft




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