Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Goodness - New comment on Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blame it on the Coconut Cream Pie!":

"Mini - thanks for inspiring people to be positive. As bad as Microsoft can be at times, it sucks *WAY* less than most of the rest of the world (that's no reason not to continue to push for improvements, just a dose of reality for the grass is greener crowd)"

Yes, Mini, thanks for inspiring us to be positive because...without you we'd all shoot ourselves!

MSFT " *WAY* less than the rest of the world..."? Care to give us an example? Just one, please. Extremist Muslim organizations don't count.

I'll help. How about...Hmmmm...Gee, I can't think of any place there's a 900 person/pound gorilla calling the shots and eating all the bananas. Where many, many don't like their own products. Where, in their heart of 10-Commandment-hearts, they despise the evil practices of their evil empire.

I can't think of any place where one sees tons of money thrown at useless projects and patents stolen and paid tripley for (as in damages) and yet...the belt gets tightened when it comes to employee performance.

And, this is employee performance that has no watchdogs to gauge the political leanings of a whimsical, power hungry, petty tyrant middle manager - man - (women don't DO this shit; so, hire more women, stupid!)

FLASH - This just in: Congrats to the Brad Smith and the Legal Eagles! We have just stolen the Frutiger font, renamed it and screwed a dying 75 year old Brit out of a few paltry million for his family. Let's all bow our heads and remember Mr. Frutiger when we see his lovely work throughout the Vista product! Yea, Brad! Yea, Vista. Yea, MSFT!

Help me out here. Where are these "rest of the world SUCKS" examples?

You know what, there ARE NONE! Why, because they are all OUT OF BUSINESS. Why, because behavior like that goes unrewarded.

So, Softies, it's going to take a while to run through that $34 billion and counting but, never fear, we'll do it. After all, it's what we're best at.

(This one whips me around so much I just get dizzy reading it!)


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