Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ballmer Butt Bandits - New comment on Random October Bits

"Forget about fixing Microsoft. You can't do it. Only the shareholders can do it, and that will require a major bloodbath in your top six layers of management. (Like, say, chopping it down to three layers of management, tops, and handing that screaming, chair-tossing cretin his walking papers, even if he is your biggest shareholder's only friend. Ballmer was never capable of running a taco stand, let alone a multi-billion dollar organization. He is the ultimate proof of the Peter principle.)" Is this the part where LisaB sends a disguised email sticking up for the guy who finally got her to take the HR job after her 1st three no's? (Shoulda hadda 4th one, Lisa!) Not sure why there would be many more "Ballmer Butt Bandits" out there; He really doesn't have a clue about the Live marketplace and that's where the company is going. Dropped ball on MySpace; never even picked it up on YouTube. Whaday gonna buy now, Steve? How about a bus ticket to Allentown. First class, of course. Time to let discretion be the better part of valor, Stevie Wonder-man, and get out of the way. Why ain't leadin'; you ain't followin'. Now, git! Shoo! (I'm a fan of alliteration and all, but, geez. And SteveB, one-on-one, is pretty awesome to talk with. He gets it. It's just as you put more and more people into the audience your "gets it meter" starts reading lower and lower based on his performance.)


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