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Monday, October 09, 2006

To Sir With... New comment on Microsoft Internal Transfers Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Internal Transfers Just Got a Whole Lot Easier":

Anonymous Answers “Sir”

Softies, are you see through this latest not nice posting of the Sir? I know experience with clever writers and here is one. Sir fools with my mind and truth. Is like twisting a babushka into knots. Her lies only make Mini better in our hearts. I explain more:

Sir gave first lie when I say, "If I were his/her manager, I'd either be pissed or figuring out ways to punish that person" (and leaving out what immediately followed that which was, “that's if I were the non-nurturing, political, back stabbing, the team is everything, knuckle dragging mouth breather, 93% of the manager ranks-type of manager”).

Lie was not including all that I said. In America, you call that “half truth”, I belief.

Sir then added to half truth when said, “All you are saying it that you want to take a personal revenge from an employee who is thinking of ditching your group. People do this quite rarely even in their personal life. If a girlfriend/boyfriend ditch, people simply move on.”

At this time, I say is hard to add a whole truth to a half truth and get all truth. Eh?

Then Sir looks to pile on what is now maybe to others quite truly and suddenly an evil writer me, with, “I can confidentally say you have no idea about the people in Microsoft. They are as good a people as you find anywhere else. Just look at the giving campaign this month.” Sir by some magic thinking, decides Microsoft people not good people in my mind. Now I look really bad and all starting from big half truth lie in beginning. I now asking Jesus for help. He say, “keep writing, Bubby.”

Finally, Sir, in the name of trying to build one whole truth, go one giant step more and say about me, “By reading your revenge feeling, may be Microsoft ditched you in the past or did not offer you a job. That could be a reason you are trying to malign good people here.”

I say, “Sir, what flavor Kool Aid do you drink? Microsoft be is last on my list because treats worker like me as, how you say, steerage on boat while so called partners eat well with captain. And…everybody in middle wait patiently for good captain to call them up for scraps from table. During all this, every person have sinking feeling for more than a day or two. Eh?

No, really Softies, only good reason to work for Microsoft, today, is taking ride on gravy train, or perhaps work for Mr. Ozzie, or maybe be partner with rake and millions in. Until that changes, I drive tractor in my field. Eh?



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