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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Amazingly Pathetic - New comment on Microsoft FY07Q2 Results

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft FY07Q2 Results":

anon said: "What an underwhelming launch for Vista."

Is this what you mean?
MSFT 30.48 -0.38

I consider myself a genuine ABMer non softie, but you guys are amazingly pathetic. Geeze I would not want most of you on my team if going for a title. I think AC said it will be a while before Vista sees its real strength. I agree. Its a hardware issue. Vista is a hardware pig and therfore will not be widely adopted until the hardware installed base catches up with Vista's resource demands--probably a two year cycle.

Meanwhile, I expect to upgrade my XP pro to XP Pro 64 for a couple of years at least. Hopefully by then Microsoft will have gotten religion by unhooking the killer locks in DRM so normal honest people can view their content, releasing games on PC's and XBOX on the same day, and going to confession saying 'forgive me customer for I have sinned' . . .


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