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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blind and stubborn ideology - New comment on Microsoft FY07Q4 Results.

Omega has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft FY07Q4 Results":

I like how one gets called a troll for providing information others don't want to hear. It's the "un-patriotic" of the internet. A fire-extinguisher-at-every-exit last resort to not having to confront a point with dignity or relevance.

This "turn your nose up" attitude is exactly what I'm talking about.

Reality check: Popular support for Linux has gone way up and the only numbers you'd cite or collect are from your own biased sources.

Do you get out much? Go read some internet for a bit that isn't just a pro-MS rag.

Disclaimer: I work for a PRO MS company!
It's funny how in *my* field, I get the exact opposite where people are turning down Microsoft and moving to Linux/Apple.
To which the following seems implied: "oh we recognize Apple because they're a business entity." (Being a business entity is a prerequisite for something to be considered a threat?!)

This blind and stubborn ideology is just making MS look worse. You can't pick who you compete with.

Funnier still are the extents to which Microsoft has to confuse and mislead its own supporters to continue getting their loyalty.
Really elaborate concepts like TCO and "people ready". That's pretty amateur stuff if you ask me.
The outdated and unskilled excuses I hear to downplay FOSS makes me laugh so hard I break my neck.

All I have to do is look around which is more than what you get up to on an incestuous round of internet browsing:

Mini here has said enough about your management.
News all over the internet says enough about the comedy of errors over patents.
Your products are a far cry from the advancements offered by MS in the past (credit given!).

You're asking me for statistics, why don't you bring me some instead? Again, do you get out much?

To the technically competent, MS is at best floundering.

I don't see how anyone here with one troll accusation can refute the gravity of readily available professional and public opinion about Microsoft and the current state it's in.

Is this clear as day information just too much to handle that Microsoft would rather run on fumes until the bitter end?

You all deserve better than that for your untapped potential and loyalty.


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