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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Robber Barron Ballmer - [Mini-Microsoft] New comment on Microsoft FY08Q1 Results.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft FY08Q1 Results":

>Welcome to the beginning of the >Ballmer era.

>1. Cost-cutting in various long-term research groups.

(does that include surface >computing?)

>2. Paring back of the first-party Microsoft content sites.

(does that include Xbox live?)

>3. More licensing tricks to increase "revenue per socket" Hey, if there's no cheaper alternative, why can't Microsoft raise prices?

(Maybe because there are cheaper alternatives. I hope he does as 40 million businesses jump to Linux and Mac for office desktops and workstations. If what you say is true, the Balmer era will be an era where 90% market share drops to somewhere around 60% to 50%)

>4. Creation of a viable enterprise subscription business (Microsoft Online).

(define viable. For once, you have some serious competition in that space, so viable is iffy--to make it work, you will have to truly innovate and create wanted services)

>6. Shorter time window for experiments to show good numbers.

(Praise the Ford and put your haaand on the radio--Does that include XBox? Will Softies begin speaking in tounges and start a new calender that is based on Before Bill and After Bill?)

>7. More and larger investments and acquisitions.

(He has already made it clear he intends to make more and smaller acquisitions. Don't you read the papers?)

You forgot one: drive the OS to be cheaper and more plentiful to compete with open source.

Remember, the competition always has a vote, and it is highly likely the shrill profiteering days are coming to a close, lest Microsoft be counted as the Robber Baron of the 21st Century and is summarily dispatched by governments and customers.

(just does not feel right)


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