Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Sunday, January 06, 2008

CRF and the CFR - New comment on Microsoft's 2008 - What's Going Well?.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft's 2008 - What's Going Well?":

:: Can we leave conspiracy theories out of this site

I agree, however, what is reality you will call 'conspiracy'. Lets face the facts - the CFR controls this country, and controls the media. The Council on Foreign relations. Most people don't know this. All the heads of major news outlets are members of this secret organization. Google is as well. Microsoft is not.

In Mini's post, he/she says Microsoft is loosing the evil empire reputation. In my post, I said that they are in fact a company behind freedom, and security. We are a company that believes in protecting its users. Microsoft is not a member of the highly secret CFR. People on this blog could care less about something as important as this. Microsoft is not the evil empire, nor is it part of the evil empire. And I'm proud that its not a member of the CFR.

That's not conspiracy, its fact. I'd love to know why Gates and Ballmer are not 'in' with the elite like Google is.



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