Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Thursday, January 03, 2008

What About MSPAC - New comment on Microsoft's 2008 - What's Going Well?.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft's 2008 - What's Going Well?":

I'm not sure if this is the place to discuss this - is there an internal forum we can discuss the following? If you're external to MS, then don't read this post it won't make sense.

I'm happy to have MSPAC, however almost everyone on my team feels that the best canidates don't get anywhere near fair media exposure, and unfortunately are excluded from MSPAC. But by internet, and sites such as Youtube, alternate canidates are getting alot of attention. IMHO MSPAC should support more free thinkers, and I'm with the poster who wants to bring Gage to campus! My entire team (almost) would love to have that.

A democracy should be all colors, not just red and blue, supporting two parties isn't truly democratic, and because of the power of information technology, it can't last for too much longer. I hope that we can support more than the red and blue, because other than Ron Paul...

lets get the conversation focused on Mini's post, there's alot of good points to talk about. and if he/she posts about MSPAC or politics, we probably should save posts like mine till then! Is there a DL for MSPAC?

(At this point, I don't see doing a post on MSPAC. It would make a great internal discussion, though.)


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