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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well That's Just Dreary - New comment on 3,600 Microsoft Shoes Waiting to Drop.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "3,600 Microsoft Shoes Waiting to Drop":

I hate to break the news to everyone but the simple fact of the matter is that MS is mature company in a maturing industry. If this company and the software industry were really growing then there would be no need for all the political games to see who is going to be the survivor.

The industry is canibalizing itself and the battle is over market share. The name of the game is lower unit cost of production, hence the importing of cheap and subservient labor.

Sure, there will continue to be marginal improvements. Aero is a nice UI touch but it really isn't anything transforming anyone's life.

Wall Street is doing what it does best and is pulling investment money away from and industry in decline.

So, for all of you purportedly best and brightest types in the Redmond ghetto, think about where you can best employ your talents. I don't think it's in the software industry. Think bioengineering and alternative energy.

When I look at the Redmond campus, I think about all the companies of the future that will be housed there someday. Of course all of the old timers will still refer to it as the Microsoft Campus but it will house the next generation of high tech.

I have to give the MS execs some credit. Just as Weyerhaeuser is reinventing from a fores products company to a residential real estate company, MS is transforming itself into a commercial real estate company.

For all you youngsters please note, the revolution is over, the wave has crested, the shark has been jumped. Go back to school and engage your talents elsewhere.

(Did BillG water ski over Judge Jackson?)


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