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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bad Laptop - New comment on Online Anonymity is Good, But it Takes Work on Everyone's Part

Nuno Machado Lopes has left a new comment on your post "Online Anonymity is Good, But it Takes Work on Everyone's Part":

Well I have to say Im confused - at first it seemed quite a daring and honorable cause - but if you can't get past the anonymity then why are you here? For me it makes no difference - I have a brain and I can use it so I have the capacity to research and use my experience to agree, disagree or simply ignore. It is great to debate issues which are at the heart of some people's passion. I envisage (no I don't work for Microsoft) that many people live for Microsoft but would probably like to have the same in return. These are real issues for real people.
I went to a Microsoft meeting once with a lady that apparently had something to do with events - I say apparently because she didn't give me her card and opened up her laptop. The meeting finished when she had read through the morning e-mails while I spoke to the back of her laptop? Rude? YES. Necessary? NO. Why? Porbably because she thinks that working for Microsoft enables her to just not care about others.
Personally I thank Microsoft because I don't know where I'd be without their innovation, vision and great products (shame about the resets...)
Please concentrate on the real reason for your existance here today and not on irrelevant comments. Thanks!

(??? anyway, what was worth saving here is the mention of the laptop usage. Someday, somebody is going to get b-slapped around for paying more attention to their laptop than what's going on around them. I hope I'm there.)


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