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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Banter ahead - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

"Hey Lazy Boy, I did your job for you."

Hey Mark, do not pre-judge the gender. I am not aboy.

Also, well it is really stupid to number exits on highway by the dat and time they were created. The highways are numbered by sequence.

I titled you stupid (not personally though) for two reasons. Suggesting a date & time solution for the problem for the which the straight forward solution is numbering. You may be lazy to figure out the implementation of the right solution.

The second reason to call you stupid is your association with google. Blogger should have the numbering as the default option. Google (and you by your representing google here) is stupid for not having this as default.

Now, you in google may work as single person team. We here work in a collaborative environment. If you have skill A and not skill B, does not mean you should not even share your skill A. Doing that would be very stupid and by your response it seems you could be labeled stupid for this third reason too.

(There's nothing really bad or wrong here but I just want to put the kibosh on the back and forth on this topic. I'm letting it see the light of day, but...)


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