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Friday, September 08, 2006

Mr. Status Quo Ho Ho - New comment on Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Kicking the SPSA Can Again, Raises, and the 66th Percentile":

Being a free self unemployed person, I sometimes watch a movie in the corner of my screen while attending to other chores. This morning it is 'Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World' with Russell Crowe. I enjoy the last scenes where Captain Lucky Jack addresses the `team' just before the last battle of the movie. In his little sermon on the mount to direct and encourage the troops, he says, "the Akron is a tough nut to crack, more than twice our guns and twice our numbers. . .gun crew, . . you'll fire for the main mast. . ." And so without further adieu:

Google Office: a close-up look

And to the internal Microsoft disgruntled. Methinks you protest too much. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, as some of you might actually catch on and put up a good fight instead of firing your canon at the floor sinking the ship, but your statement:

"We should go to a site like cafepress and reserve shirts with the slogan

"Each Microsoft VP/GM looted $1M but all I got was this lousy shirt""

I would actually suggest a t-shirt that says "I lost my job in the Google Wars". Or heres another: "MSFT in O6: $90 BLN Market Cap Loss"

Someone wrote: ".. it's democracy, and it's unveiling the b/s from MS's management that destroys shareholder value."

Are you daft boy? To those of us outside, Whoda's a devout sycophant [micro]Sophist, just shy of the overly constricted schoolmarm, with a ruler to slap your knuckles. Democracy, maybe in the same way that Microsofy's have convinced themselves they are enlightened and just in their products, which any long time user of them would tell you otherwise. He often slices words from posts and `disappears' others or taunts others by putting them on the cutting room floor with dunce hats. No, Mini is only helping to maintain the status quo as it is, helping you to stay the blinders till the canon sees the whites of your eyes.

Alas, I leave you with this other seagoing analogous effigy chorus from the first act of HMS Pinafore, a truer comparative satire on the state of Microsoft if there never was one or ever wasn't:

"We sail the ocean blue,
And our saucy ship's a beauty;
We're sober men and true,
And attentive to our duty.
When the balls whistle free
O'er the bright blue sea,
We stand to our guns all day;
When at anchor we ride
On the Portsmouth tide,
We have plenty of time to play."


(A taunting schoolmarm? That's a new one.)


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