Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You Light Up My Life - New comment on Random October Bits

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Random October Bits":

A room with a window auctioned

Don't believe it? Just go to //auction and see for yourselves.

A deep bow to the person who decided to make his room available for one year to one of the many employees working totally in artificial light!

My sympathy to those that not only work in artificial light but also share that not too big room with others!

A deep bow to Mini for critisizing the megalomania that rules Microsoft.

I cannot but compare the working conditions of those Microsoft employees with that of slaves. Seem too similar...

I cannot but compare the efficiency achieved during slavery and that of Microsoft. Seem too similar...

There's no clause in one's contract stating that they'd be required to work in a windowless room.

It is a wellknown scientific fact that living a significant portion of one's life deprived of natural light leads to sickness and depression.

Let's sue the people who decided to put half of their employees in these conditions.

(Let your resume set you free!)


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