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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grr, Woof! - New comment on Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?.

Ihar Filipau has left a new comment on your post "Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?":

"I'm a corporate animal and this Microsoft environment, with its toxic pockets and issues, is a well known savage savanna to me and I'm able to succeed and be fulfilled, seeing the situation for what it is."

Nothing personal, Mini, but I think you are lying yourself.

Why would you need then the blog at all? if you were content with your job - as you are trying to portrait it?

Have you been real predator, you would have welcomed all the failed inside MSFT project by swallowing the people and building up your own empire inside of empire.

But the blog here tells me that you care. Thus you are disqualified as "a corporate animal".

You like teamwork. That's why hottest topic on your blog is HR. But you can also build (and help build) teamwork in any other *growing* company.

Believe me, you would enjoy creating products - products others would like to use leaving good comments on forums. Smaller company - closer you are to products and people who are making the products. And closer you are to your customers. That's all gives more satisfaction from your job. Not some opaque numbers of some business unit performance measured by some opaque metric - but real satisfaction from real product and real customer interaction.

BTW, search net for "microsoft alumni" - you would find lots of people who left MSFT to build their own business or help others build one. I'd say, if not technologically, MSFT contributed to IT industry enormously by its alumnis.

(Whoops, I bounced this just after my quick-scan filter and now I think I should have let it through. But the original is gone into the bit bucket ether. Except for this.)


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