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Friday, September 07, 2007

More Race Discussion - New comment on Microsoft Company Meeting Ahoy!.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Company Meeting Ahoy!":

To the disgruntled minority poster (who I suspect is probably actually white, but trying to be "for the people"), the Seinfeld New York had non-white characters all the time.

In REAL LIFE, people tend to stick with people who are similar to them. That may bother you, but its reality in NEW YORK (where I was born and raised). So a group of white friends dont deliberately go and meet black people so they can fill some social quota. Ditto for a group of black friends.

Hence a show about black friends, or white friends or latino friends or asian friends, in New York that only depicts other races in the background, or as acquaintences, is actually being very realistic.

Must everything be artificially manipulated into some idiotic liberal fantasy of Utopia? I watch plenty of black shows that have pretty much a totally black cast and I love them. It doesnt bother me at all that they dont go out of their way to make sure the main char has a white, asian and Mexican buddy.

The most ironic thing is your post complaining about the lack of "colored" people is amazingly racist. I guess unless you see someone that looks just like you up there (assuming you're not actually white), there is no way you can relate to them or assume that maybe you can succeed also. And of course "white" people are just a homogenous group to you (that excludes Jews, oddly) and Irish accents "dont count".


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