Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flying Monkey Poo - New comment on Low Hanging Late Harvest Fruit.

Nikko the flying monkey has left a new comment on your post "Low Hanging Late Harvest Fruit":

>Funny... but... sigh...

How are those Zune sales shaping up at Walmart?

I had an interesting conversation with my Russian co-worker about how Microsoft sucked so baaaad (I gave my usual M$ anti windows-xbox spiel) and I did a damn good job at it too explaining how Adam Smith and Karl Marx were genius' of similar schools of thought, and how Microsoft has abused the intent of Adam Smith's concept of an ethical capitalism by inserting evil intent in every marketing plan they ever devised.

Anyway, he sat there (the Russian co-worker) and kept asking what's wrong with owning 95% of the market? and explaining to me how he thought the EU and DOJ were wrong in their decisions against Microsoft.

So I concluded, why would you softies worry about parody Onion stories of fiction when the world outside the US and Europe are sucking up your products as fast as they can steal em? Once again proving that fact is far strange than fiction.

With this I wish you all a joyous holiday season. Oh hell, Merry Christmas anyways.

Funny... but... sigh...


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