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Monday, January 14, 2008

Where the World is Moving - New comment on Raikes and Other Exits.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Raikes and Other Exits":

To the guy who was defending Microsoft on DRM issues...

I have a suspicion that you work in the DRM team. But anyway, you are right that Apple does DRM too. But at the same time...

- Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to labels and studios about getting rid of DRM. What did Microsoft do? It is true that content owners are asking for DRM. However, if you truely believe that DRM does not make things easy for the end user, why dont you take a stand on it?

- If taking a stand is too radical for us, at the very least we should stop investing in the newer DRM technologies (which are bound to be broken a week after being released anyway). Why are we still team working on PlayReady (next version of WMDRM)?

You seem to accuse Mr Bee but you yourself dont backup your statements. Also, Mr Bee is not one of those guys anymore - you are. The whole world is moving away from DRM pal, except the recording labels (and perhaps the Microsoft DRM team). Wake up!

(It's all about the money. If non-DRM music makes money, then of course everything will fall in line. If it goes bust, you can be ready for the return of DRM. Apple. Real. Microsoft. Whatever.)


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