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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Provocative Response - New comment on MS Poll 08.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "MS Poll 08":

and I ever heard you say this, you would be an unemployed raging bigot in about 5 seconds.

Geez, five seconds to say two words "You're fired?" Maybe you should improve your pronounciations. That could mask off your Hindu accent a little bit. In America, we don't drag our vowels for too long.

I *dare* you to reveal who you are -- do so and you'll likely never work again. Don't think there's anything wrong with what you said?

Is that a threat? I thought this was supposed to be a place for honest discussions. Sure, I could write my posts a little bit nicer, but without being provocative, this topic wouldn't get the attention it deserves. We've been buried under political correctness and can't speak against the absurdities built up by an overconfident Indian workforce (thanks to out of control outsourcing) for too long.

Sign your name to it, big man.

Where's your real name, "anonymous"? When I read this line, I imagine it being said with a Hindu accent. Fuuuunny. Sure, I'll sign my name. It's known as "Your Dad". Got it?

Absolutely disgusting.

Empty threats are amusing. It shows how an emotional person can become a manager, oh, excuse me, team lead. I'm sure you'll stay in that position for long because emotional people can never rise up. Not at MS, and not at any decent corporations.

(I'm walking a fine line moderating this gun powder keg - this one throws the match too close.)


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