Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mini-Tragedy - New comment on Quick Thoughts on the Microsoft 2009 Company Meeti....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Quick Thoughts on the Microsoft 2009 Company Meeti...":

I hope you sociopaths who put the corporate needs (a "mini" microsoft) before human needs are happy.

Let me tell you a story of one former microsoftie who once lived in Sammamish and with family and pets who got "downsized".

Because of his INCOME LOSS, he had to go through bankruptcy and foreclosure of the home he and his family lived in for the past 15 years while employed at Microsoft.

"Fortunately" he found a job at Home Depot but the depressed wages does nothing to replace in former income and living standards.

Now that his family has to vacate their home, the bankruptcy and foreclosure has marred their credit rating making it difficult for them to find a rental. Not only have they been displaced out of their home but the possibility of homelessness is VERY REAL. Oh and forget about the pets he had to put them "asleep".

If I was in his shoes I would have said FUCK this and left the country and since the banks got bailed out on the taxpayer dime. I would skip all of my debts since I paid my taxes and the banks got my tax money.

So you sociopaths should consider these aspect while you dream for a smaller Microsoft that will in the end only benefit Ballmer and his cronies.

(CRF'd - language. Language.)


  • Sorry to hear that, but how is it possible that someone working full time at Microsoft for 15 years hasn't put aside any money for tougher times and after 15 years of paying mortgage had house taken by bank?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 1, 2009 at 10:54 AM  

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