Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Aaroo? New comment on We Are FAM-ily! - Links+

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "We Are FAM-ily! - Links+":

"and if I don't have anything interesting to say when I'm recharged to un-fade, then that's that."

Ah yes, an individual in search of dignity and meaning in all that is represented both as Mini and and as who ever you are at Microsoft. Burn out can be a drag.

I gleaned, that as a person who truly has no-ax-to-grind against those homeless ones who drive Winnebago's or against those who would be a softie king, that eventually, you know something we outside do not know: that the big reduction in force is coming one way or another.

And that getting Microsoft to deliver on such an ominous task of planetary collisions, the end result will be order in the chaos of colliding asteroids, yielding a new golden age of beauty and light in the realm of Ni.

We do appreciate your tireless and thankless contribution.

Catbert (pffftt)



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