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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The New Bland - New comment on We Are FAM-ily! - Links+

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "We Are FAM-ily! - Links+":


I've been away for a few days...after throwing a couple of molotovs...some you caught, some you didn't. But reading this post seems so bland.

A dog's lunch at best.

Hard to pick up something and run with it, when it's all a mess on the computer room floor.

Geez...need to get the edge back.

How about a little word play on FAM:
* FAMe - MSFT had it for 10 years, now time to change.
* FAMished - for something new, innovative, and cutting edge.
* flim flam FAM - another year, another ludite Board of Directors and passive stockholders.
* FAMout - if the real MSFT waiting to get out, just could
* slim FAM - the new corporate diet for MSFT.
* FAM - Finally Application developers are going to really Muck-up the OS.
* canned FAM - SteveB's "enthusiasm" that lost Dean a presidential primary.
* come on all you sudoku fiends, have a little fun with FAM!
Happily Anonymouse & Glad For It

(Bland and happy for it right now. Saving any sharp edges for when they are needed.)



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