Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Zune: Apple cannot lose. Microsoft cannot win.

MacDailyNews' SteveJack: "On one hand, Microsoft's "partners" deserve what's coming to them because they really have failed quite miserably. On the other hand, Microsoft remains one of the scummiest companies on earth.

Apple cannot lose. And Microsoft cannot win. That Microsoft is even trying Zune now only highlights their rampant mismanagement and bad decision-making.

If Microsoft's Zune shows any real signs of life — a long shot based on past history; Microsoft's been trying for half a decade, folks — Apple CEO Steve Jobs can simply license FairPlay to Microsoft's former "partners" at very favorable terms to Apple, as they do face Microsoft's big scary steamroller. People aren't going to stop buying iPods just because some other lesser companies finally have iTunes-compatible players. Ditto for buying from the iTunes Store. Jobs has to be thanking Microsoft which must be why he goaded them into this Zune nonsense in the first place. After everyone else licenses FairPlay from Apple, then everyone — except Microsoft — will be iPod+iTunes compatible. Game. Set. Match."

(Well, I'm not going to publish something that slimes Microsoft with a "scummiest" comment. Plus, this is just fuel for the never end Apple v. PC crowd. Yawn. What will be will be. Let's see what happens.)


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