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Sunday, July 23, 2006

No M$ allowed - New comment on Hey, Shareholders! VS 2005 is *Fantastic* and our Developers Love Microsoft!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hey, Shareholders! VS 2005 is *Fantastic* and our Developers Love Microsoft!": VS 2005 is feature rich, but what is the point if much of it doesn't completely work. I've ran into so many bugs and have had to code so many work arounds and in some cases had to change the core design of my applications because features are partially supported. I think this is perhaps the turning point for M$. I have 20 years of development experience, design, specification, you name it I've coded it in a just about any language (yes even COBOL). I've never seen such a poor quality product as this before from any company. I think this is a new low for M$ -- it is now July '06 with a estimated patch due Q3 '06. For my company, the door is open, we've opened it and will be migrating to a more stable development platform/tool -- we have to, productivity since we starting using VS 2005 and decreased considerably. I honestly don't think M$ understand just how bad things are for them. (One of the golden rules of comment moderation: M$ and its collection of amazingly dumb sibling references results in an auto-bounce.)


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