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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shall we stay broken - New comment on Ba-Da-????

Shachar Shemesh has left a new comment on your post "Ba-Da-????":

1998 - MS is convicted of violating anti-trust laws. One of the charges is preferential treatment for one OEM over another (similar size) by giving late access to APIs and new OSes.

2006 - MS employees (even some you may consider skeptics of company tactics) still think it's ok to withhold APIs from a major ISV merely because they don't like what that ISV is doing.

Progress is great.


(Totally different. Shall we stay broken and vulnerable to satisfy companies addicted to our past lapses?)


  • Not sure what you mean by "broken and vulnerable", Mini.

    I believe what the writer is saying is that MSFT employees, as a group, still have the cavalier attitude that big old Microsoft can sit on high and be the moral judge of another company's future...all the while commiting immoral business practices, themselves.

    It is this duality, this schizophrenia that is so frustrating about your company. Nobody likes a bully, a braggard, a rich kid flaunting his bling, a know-it-all, a phoney, a person of low self-esteem; of gradiosity; of low moral value. Microsoft - guilty on all counts!

    How can you expect to gain any respect or esteem when you continue to create this view of you in the minds of everyone in the world excepting your own fellow employees?

    P.S. - Your company may be broken but it has never acted vulnerable. Perhaps that's the grandiosity showing through!

    By Blogger Microstiff, at October 23, 2006 at 7:07 AM  

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