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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vista v Apollo - New comment on Microsoft FY07Q2 Results

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft FY07Q2 Results": I have a challenge for anyone more determined than I am to figure out something interesting. I keep hearing about the billions of dollars and millions of man-hours spent developing Vista. The thought occured to me.... how does this compare to the dollars and man-hours spent on the Apollo moon project? You know, from Apollo 1 to Apollo 11 and the moon landing. Does somebody want to figure this out? Now, it's very possible that the Apollo project required way more hours and dollars (inflation adjusted of course) than Vista. But imagine if it didn't. That would be a hell of a thing. And it occurs to me too. All that time and money spent on this ho-hum OS ("The ho-hum is now"). What if that same time and dollars had been spent on, say, doubling the average MPG of gasoline powered cars? Could it have been done with the same resources? A wee bit better for this old world, no? Some day someone will write the story about the countless resources wasted by Microsoft. Between Bill G's idiotic philanthropic choices (money, meet rat hole -- rat hole, meet money) and the uber-wastage of MS dev processes, it staggers the imagination.


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