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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anna Malfeasance - New comment on Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?":

I did a quick skim, and may have missed it, but I have to ask:
"I, like a lot of senior Microsofties, can't imagine staying for another year of flat stock growth."


Why would you let a bunch of anonymous strangers decide whether or not you keep your job? Because that's all the market is - the votes of the street.

The same street that voted Enron a world-class company.

The same street that decided a bunch of internet startups with no business plans were going to make their fortunes.

To me, my job is about my compensation, my job satisfaction, my potential for career growth. I look at my grants at $30/share and I can't complain (my stock grants alone account for a bigger bonus than I've ever gotten anywhere else). If the stock went to $40/share, sure my grants would be 25% bigger, but my total compensation would grow by less than 4%.


I just really don't care about the stock price. Because I think the investment community are made up of people who are more interested in the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby than the occupation of Iraq or criminal malfeasance in the White House.



  • How can you say that you want job satisfaction, career growth, better compensation but don't care about the company's stock price? I think those things go hand in hand. The fact is the company you work for is your second home. Just like you want your house to appreciate in value, you want the same for the company stock. The gain from holding your company stock is only an immediate effect. The long-term gain of your stock appreciating is more satisfying than merely the 4% annual bonus. It is just like believing that you should not care about the U.S. economy because that will not impact your standard of living. Employees like Mini (correct me if I am wrong) understand that and know that there must be a change in order for a company to thrive. The only solution for a succesful company in terms of innovation and growth is higher stock valuation.

    By Anonymous Alex, at April 17, 2007 at 7:33 PM  

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