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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Call Me - New comment on Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Should You Stay or Should You Go Now?":

"2) Superman does not exist. Steve B's (or his replacement's) task can be compared to performing brain surgery while wearing gloves. 30+ pair of gloves. One for each year we went through without having to re-adjust to reality (aka: the world where you can't define success as "once adjusted most customers don't hate the new Office interface that much")."

Wrong, mon ami! Superman does exist and he is I; I is him? Whatever.

1.) Firing moratorium for one year except Gates, Ballmer, Brummel; they go NOW!
2.) Exciting Mission Statement.
3.) New boundaries (Policies)
4.) Strong consequences for crossing those boundaries...for mgt. and labor alike.
5.) Rapidly train and bestow authority upon internal evangelists with clout. If you're political, you'll be bypassed and neutralized. You can run but you can't hide, sucker!
6.) Start with Cash Cow and streamline and reward innovation, candor, reporting, management, feedback and control.
7.) Work through lesser cows and, where there is great market potential and a window of opportunity, elevate the cow status, if necessary.
8.) Constantly monitor the health of the company with strong feedback loops and remedial training... mandatory.

Gerstner did it; so can you and I!
I am at 607-821-xxxx. Call me.

(I x-d out the last four digits. I did not want to post this to the main blog given that there’s no way I can verify the number belongs to the commenter.)


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