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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sounds Like the Best Topping EVAH! - New comment on MS Poll 08.

brushan, frummen Juan has left a new comment on your post "MS Poll 08":


You owe it to the Indian people to publish this, but I understand your CRF note that this blog is not about foodies. But you were the one who screwed up by letting the bigoted remarks feed through.

My mother's recipe for Chicken Curry requires toppings. You can figure out which of the variations on the basic curry recipe you like, (there are hundreds on the net), but the secret is in the toppings.

The most important is Major Grey's Chutney, followed by sliced banana (glazed is good too), shredded coconut, chopped fried bacon, chopped hard boiled eggs, sliced fresh tomatoes, chopped onion, and you can experiment with other toppings as well.

These toppings are placed on the chicken curry after it is placed over the rice dish. Or you could go to any number of Indian restaurants in London to get away from the world's blandest food: English Food.

(I've got to be fair and bounce this one, Juan, even if it contains my most favorite ingredient ever.)


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