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Monday, November 17, 2008

Slap! Teacher's Pet - New comment on Achieving Senior Level 63 at Microsoft.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Achieving Senior Level 63 at Microsoft":

Levels are meaningless. I can name many level 60 TAMs who exceed all those level 63 criteria but because the whole role is down leveled they can never progress above level 61. We all know many a level 63 where the phrase "how?" comes to mind.

In my experience of many organisations Microsot is the worst BY FAR in promotion being via being teachers pet. There is one skill that gets recognised the most: networking and managing up (aka brown nosing). Closely followed by taking credit for others successes without acknowledging and redefining failure as success.

Where are the genuine open job postings (as opposed to those where we all know who will get the job)? Where are the independent promotion boards for in job up levelings? Where are the genuinely measurable objectives (aka "Commitments" in strange Microsoft New Speak) that actually are measured at the end of the year?

(hold your right palm up, nice and flat…)


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