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Monday, July 31, 2006

Which Dead Guy - New comment on We Are FAM-ily! - Links+

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "We Are FAM-ily! - Links+":

"At this point, Ballmer has conceded all key decision making to others in the company. He knows that if he listens to Ozzie and Mundie and does what they ask, then Microsoft has a fighting chance."

If what you say is true, then Ozzie and Mundie are responsible for the decision to lose money for five years on Zune and for the continuance of losing money for Xbox and for other terrible decisions like not introducing to the public a stripped down clean mean OS machine that acts as a ligthweight framework for programs and addons and that is pretty much open source in that it would talk to existing NTFF, open source standard and linux based formats. Who was it that said: "but noooooooooooo" Some dead guy I think.

(Steve Martin? Anyway, I don't think that kind of OS has ever been on the table.)


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