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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What if Don Box was sexy, too - New comment on Niall Sez Microsoft is Too Big and Paralyzed

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Niall Sez Microsoft is Too Big and Paralyzed":

we're not talking a Don Box, or a Jim Gray, or heck, even a Robert Scoble.

Never, Never put Don Box in the same sentence as Jim Gray. Jim is a legend, Don Box is a convoluted author/trainer. I found his first COM book to be one of most boring technical books ever written - it's even worse than most manuals.

Well, life's hard. VCs don't just give you money because you're good looking either

This is not true, your looks affect everything. If you are a female and good looking, you have the key to the world. Let's not sugar coat it, good look will give you a leg up more often than not.

We live in a sexist, racist, lookist society - I am talking about the human society in general. Some people try to go beyond that but many do not.

(That's a can of whoop-ass I'd prefer not to open.)


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