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Friday, August 04, 2006

I can be happy here - New comment on 10,000 More Microsofties - What Do They Do?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "10,000 More Microsofties - What Do They Do?":

Mini, I understand why you are upset about the 10,000 new hires. But you have to understand that Microsoft has no choice. It has to keep growing and taking over more and more of the software industry and the internet. If it stands still then its various competitors and open source software will eat up its monopolies and it will become just another big company.

You want to make Microsoft lean and mean, but then it would be just competing against a lot of other companies that are also lean and mean. It will win some, but it will also lose a lot of the time. Microsoft has to protect its monopolies and also expand into new areas. It is simply impossible to do that unless it keeps expanding its number of employees. And large numbers of employees mean bloat and lots of bad management dynamics. That is how it has always been at every large corporation, and that is how it will be at Microsoft.

Remember, even now Microsoft's stock is greatly overpriced. If it stops growing then the stock price really crashes, Bill and Steve lose most of their personal worth, and they and the other top executives would get fired by the stockholders.

I can understand why you want to work in a lean and mean company. The problem is that Microsoft just can't go down that route. Maybe you would be happier somewhere else.

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