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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You fat, soul-lazy bastard! - New comment on Ba-Da-????

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ba-Da-????":

"So, we compromise our security because other people make money trying to improve our security?

Like hell.

If your business model is parasitical you better live with the fact that it might go away."

You're kidding, right? You're here to stir things up and get sane people to respond. It worked!

Hope there aren't too many more of you at MSFT...but that would just be wishful thinking.

Reminds me of the two Enron marketeers gloating on the phone over their power to screw Kahl-eee-fornia residents out of billions by rigging the electrical supply. Ahh, where are they now?

And, look at the Lamprey eel calling the parasite a parasite! What could be more parasitical than to suck billions from the wallets of millions because you are the only lame game in town.

You fat, soul-lazy bastard! You don't have a creative, loving bone in your body. Why should you? You've been hanging on to the Devil's Red Hot Cape since time began.

What's really a shame is that you actually do speak for so many at your company. Those who know you and your type should have as a primary mission, the mission of all terrorist fighters, to eradicate you like the fire ants that you are so that all good men and women can be free in the pursuit of happiness!

Only, in this case, you are even more insidious; you work amongst us. Should I recognize you, I will make it my goal to move away from you as I do from the snake or the pit bull. And, I will alert others to your presence and, we will remember your actions and continue to deny you access to our hearts until you are gone from our sight. Such is our loathing for the soul-killer that you are.

So, consider yourself "Endangered Species" oh wicked ones...your facades are cracking as we become more aware of your souless presence!

(Just a little too much petrol on the flame.)


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