Mini-Microsoft Cutting Room Floor

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sigh... who the hell reads this blog, anyway? - New comment on Closure.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Closure.":

Interesting post by your favorite Ex-Softie, Nial Kennedy here:
(No one is lining up for Windows Vista in San Francisco). Probably the reason why the stock has dropped 70 cents.

I know that executive will ignore my statement, but you guys are in control of this situation. I am sure the software would be flying off the shelves at $50, and your piracy issue would be reduced significantly with lower prices. The market does not buy (pun intended) the notion that the software is worth $300+.

This feeds directly into your 350000 employee model Mini. If Microsoft were leaner meaner, you could justify a lower cost and maintain your stranglehold on the market. Ooops. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that all any dominant company has to do in the face of stiff competition and adversity is drop their prices.

side note: Mini wrote: "Updated: typos fixed. Thanks! Updated again: fixed another typo. I had it right in my mind, but somewhere between my mind and the game on the TV it got dropped. Lesson to self."

BTW, Mini, what about the missing universal spell checker for your Vista posting machine? At $300 I would expect it to be installed free by representative of Roxanne's Escort Service. I love Firefox's reminder that literally everything I write that goes on the web gets checked and marked if spelled wrong. I've heard Macs also have a similar system wide spell check component.

(The typos were using adverse instead of averse and DeVann instead of DeVaan and Pollack instead of Pollock. How well does your frickin’ little spellchecker do in finding those errors?)


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