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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Now that's just getting a bit mean - New comment on And You're a Microsoft Shareholder Because...?.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "And You're a Microsoft Shareholder Because...?":

>> Dragging my job title out of the GAL

I've carefully avoided mentioned your title, to avoid gut splitting laughter here. And if you're insulated, then STFU and stop brown nosing. I've been in a situation you're describing, but as a dev. I hated life and was seriously thinking about leaving the company, without even looking for another job - to just spend half a year burning though my safety net cash and restoring my sanity, and then perhaps even leave the industry altogether.

Rational though eventually prevailed, and now I'm in a team that doesn't try to do four things at the same time. It feels great to have a life again.

Human brain is not suited for multitasking. You will move slower, you will make more mistakes and you will not do as good as you would do if you could focus on one task at a time. That assumes you have to actually do anything in your job aside from clicking buttons.

(That is a bit too much of the pointy stick jabbing at someone willing to drop the anonymous moniker.)


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