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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ignorant - New comment on Microsoft FY09Q3 Results

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft FY09Q3 Results":

Gosh, so many ignorant and one-point of view thinking people in here. Company picnic is a good event for people have kids. It is lots of fun for them. but kinds of boring for young single employees. So don't blame anyone. It isn't a good thing to see it cancelled.

Mini, do you really think people in profitable division like Windows should be proud of? and they deserve more? That is most ignorant statement I ever see. Windows is the most bloated orgnization. I worked in several divisions. Lot of teams in Windows have the lowest working efficiency. Having a long release circle, people there work pretty "confortable". no overtime work, only half day at Friday, at least once a month of moral event, blah, blah... Don't blame E&D, people in E&D work twice harder than Windows, no moral event, no decent office space. Why E&D not profitable, that is market and management screw up. Did windows learn that too on Vista?

(Sorry, you lost me at "ignorant")


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