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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your analogies fail me - New comment on Ba-Da-????

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ba-Da-????":

NOTE to: "If your business model is parasitical you better live with the fact that it might go away."

Sir, every business model with the exception of the invention of "the wheel" is, to put it in your negative terms -- parasitical.

You might better live with THAT fact!

And so, we are all, in effect, to put it more in your terms, "living off the backs of others"; those "others" of course being the "true innovators".

And so, was Micro-Soft being a parasite when it rigged the Xerox OS to become Windows? You bet, oh parasitic wise one, you bet!

The dish of crow awaits you.

(Rigged Xerox? The first Windows was pretty far from Xerox. The legal chain was more Microsoft sued by Apple who was sued by Xerox.)


  • My failed analogies are the the result of an additional failure: To keep my anger in check regarding the outrageous original post. Some people misspell; I get obtuse.


    1. Xerox - "In the early 1980s Microsoft introduced its own version of the graphical user interface (GUI), based on ideas originally pioneered by the Xerox corporation, and further pioneered and developed by Apple." - from Wikipedia search on "Bill Gates".

    2. Parasites - Pretty much all invention is the result of previous invention so, when I build a "better mousetrap" I may be harming or living off the ideas of the original inventor of that mousetrap. To this writer, this is parasitism because it fits the definition.

    3. Microsoft - based upon this line of reasoning - was being "parasitic" when using originally Xerox and finally, Apple as a model for its Windows operating system.

    4. So, the outrageous poster parasite was calling the parasite a parasite and is, in effect, condemning himself.

    5. Incidentally, we were all parasites as babies caring not a twit for our parents and sometimes doing them harm by biting the nipple that feeds us. Unconditional love.

    By Blogger Microstiff, at October 25, 2006 at 9:50 AM  

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