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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Zune as Dune - New comment on No-so-limited Kim

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "No-so-limited Kim":

Special Edition CRF post from a lightened up exolimited:

Mini wrote "Maybe we'll figure out a way, as a company, to dogfood major strategic devices - and their support software - one day."

Ref: Infoworld article, 'Is Zune the next Bob?'

I was watching one of my MS DRMed movies (you know know what I mean: one of those DVDs you bought that when you play them on your computer they click and whir your DVD player until it sounds like its going to break, and maybe ten minutes later the movie will play??). It was Dune, the 1984 Science Fiction classic adapted from Frank Herbert's book. This is the first Dune, the original one by David Lynch with Max Von Sydow, Sean Young (the babe from Blade Runner), Linda Hunt, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek Next Gen) Sting and a lot of other actors most of whom went on to do famous parts.

I couldn't help notice that there might be a great parody here, in a Woody Allen `What's Up Tiger Lilly' kind of way. The whole movie could easily be subtitled with all kinds of Microsoftesque quotes. It would have a better chance of getting produced than Halo and would cost way less. Maybe Peter Jackson could even produce it.

The scene that smacks a serious best is just after Lady Jessica (the gorgeous Francesca Annis) shows Stilgar her weirding way! Which, in the vein of the parody, was zune 'squirted' to Stilgar by Jessica, but after he says it three times his mind will be erased.

With apologies to all Duners and Cast:

Stilgar(Everett McGill): "As You have strength, you shall be known as Uusel, which is the strength of the base of the pillar. This is your secret name in our troupe, but you must choose the name of Manhood which we will call you openly."

Paul Atrades(Kyle MacLachlan): "What do you call the mouse shadow in the second moon?"

Stilgar: "We call this one 'Zune from Dune'."

Paul Atrades: Could I be known as 'Bob the Zune from Dune'?"

Stilgar(after a long pause): You are 'Bob, the Zune from Dune, and your mother shall be known as 'Xbox from 360' We welcome you."

Paul Atrades: (whisper) "The dream unfolds . . ."

Just as an aside, has anyone ever noticed how Bob has the look of a Lemon with glasses? Oh Microsoft, I doooo thank you for the periodic interlude of mirth. One day is here.


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