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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ahhooech - New comment on Microsoft FY07Q1 Results

"I think our partners should have given a lot this time. Good for them and good for all of us." And Merry Christmas one and all Tiny Tim.

Ahhooech! There, I finally puked. After threatening all these times, I've gone and done it. clean it up. The smell of stomach acid and grape Kool-Aid...makes me...well...want to puke!

You know, it's amazing to me what people will talk about as their company gears up to put coal in everyone's geek-white Xma$ stockings. "Here, let's give uncle Bob that box of 5.25" floppies he's always wanted. Double-density!"

Computer Billy? No can do. Yah see, we're not ready with our OS quite yet. And, we can't figure out which one to give you, if we were. The one called Basic is good only for those 3rd world, wood-burning computers. Ultimate isn't for sale at any price (well, at least you can't buy it with an upgrade coupon).

Acer et. al. thinks we're trying to do a squeeze play on their marketing plan and the rest aren't talking for fear of banishment from the Evil Empire.

I could go on but Mini won't print it, so I stop to let you catch your breath. I'll puke some more later as long as I don't have to clean it up.

("Ahhooech?" Best. Onomatopoeia. Ever. Or at least for this week.)


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