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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shame shame shame - New comment on Microsoft Academy

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Microsoft Academy":

Why do you need smart people. What are they going to do -research some other company's product and make a copy of that with a better IDE?
DOn't you feel a little ashamed of yourselves that you haven't done any innovation in 10 years? YOu call .NET an innovation? A college kid who starts with .NET will never be able to learn real basic programming skills and internals of OS. When I graduated I was assigned a memory corruption problem and it took me 2 months to nail it. but I leaned more in those 2 months than what a college kid on .NET pony is going to learn in 10 yrs.
So wise up and do these new graduates a favor.Go back to C/C++. We already have a .NET it is called JAVA.

And don't tell me that they can learn C anyway - no they have to get a job and they won't get it unless they know .NET and that C# crap.

(Again, I think there's a good point in there [memory corruption vs. class training] but all the crap around it isn't anything I want to approve.)


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