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Monday, February 05, 2007

No Vista v OS X, II - New comment on Closure.

Ihar Filipau has left a new comment on your post "Closure.":

Anonymous said:
> Windows is now a generation ahead of OSX.

You are deluded. I can only advise to do one thing: do what Jim Alchin wanted - and get yourself a Mac. If not to use, just to see what competition is.

People love OSX - not because it is "generation" somewhere else, but because it is here and it "Just Works" (c) Unknown.

Your comment kind of reflects the focus M$ had lost: people do not care about OS as long as their applications work and job gets done.

Vista, as all M$ products, is like swiss cheese: full of holes, specifically prepared to be filled by 3rd party developers. (*) End result is that user get stuck in between: (1) M$ as OS provider, (2) hardware provider and (3) ISV who patch the holes M$ left for them to patch. With Apple, users have advantage that OS provider and hardware provider are the single party: they go with all their problems to one provider. Do not tell me you were not played as ping-pong ball by support stuff: one calls M$ - you say it's Dell's problem, one calls then Dell - they say it's M$' problem.

(*) Example: network firewall. Mac OS X has one and it works. Linux has 3 of them and they all work. Windows? Lemme see. You can't open/close particular port. You can't open/close range of ports. But what can you do? - allow particular application to do *anything* on network. Very thoughtful, I'd say, especially if the application gets compromised. (And network applications gets compromised - like never ending story of M$Outlook) Yeah, M$ did implemented firewall - but best what user can do with it - is to disable it and install one from ISV. The list of such examples can go long: recovery tools (because M$' own tools can only be used to annoy user up to point of OS reinstallation), image viewers (which really support all relevant file formats - e.g. TGA and PSD), video player (which supports standard MPEG4 - and not exclusively WMV), audio players (which really support ID3 tags as well as some other audio formats - not exclusively WMA), etc. Except for productivity suit - M$Office - Microsoft had bulked at its users needs. Windows IMHO suffers a "death by thousands cuts." [ Well, M$ cannot implement everything, it is clear. But when it dumps support for format it is developed - MPEG4 - it is plain stupid *political* decision. There were NO technical problems - it is just you force everybody into bed with Windows Media Services. Recovery tools? M$ reimplemented them at least 3 times: NT4, NT5 and Vista. Instead of reimplementing them 3 times poorly, M$ needed to develop one - but which might be relevant to administrators and system builders. How much money you have wasted on all that political crap? which is now dumped on heads of users? ]

(It will all end in tears. And -20 for M$.)


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