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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Billy-G... Testify! - New comment on There's Ray! Plus: Plenty of Room For More Brains at Microsoft.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "There's Ray! Plus: Plenty of Room For More Brains at Microsoft.":

Excerpt from concerning Billy-G's testimony to congress:

Gates said the nation's economy depends on keeping the country's borders open to highly skilled workers, especially those with a science or engineering background. Federal law provides 65,000 H1-B visas for scientists, engineers, computer programmers and other professionals every budget year. High-tech and other employers say that's not enough.

"Even though it may not be realistic, I don't think there should be any limit," Gates said, adding that Microsoft Corp. (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) hasn't been able to fill approximately 3,000 technical jobs in the United States because of a shortage of skilled workers.

For full article:

See folks, Billy-G is trying to F*** all of you out of a job. According to him MS has not been able to fill 3000 technical positions b/c shortage of skilled workers. Translation: MS will not pay market rates to "U.S. workers" b/c they are like every freaking corporation who would rather F*** the very same people who are buying there crap then make a couple less million at the end of the year. Face it the average U.S. worker is being F*** and we do not even realize it b/c these corporations are smart enough to throw out catch phrases like "global competitiveness", "global resource relocation" and the like. Honestly, ask yourself do you REALLY think Billy-G and Steve-B gives a Sh** about you goof balls working and slaving away hard for them, what do they care... They have there BILLIONS.

Side note, is it me or in every public forum Billy-G looks like a troll you want to root against.

FUNNY Excerpt I found:

"Microsoft has launched a marketing campaign that lets any student at an Australian university buy the Ultimate edition of Office 2007, usual price $1,150, for only $75 — a discount of about 93%. But when students go to the promotion site, Microsoft Live OneCare pops up a warning that the site may be a phishing scam. The warning reads: 'Phishing filter has determined this might be a phishing website. We recommend that you do not give any of your information to such websites. Phishing websites impersonate trustworthy websites for the purpose of obtaining your personal or financial information.'"

MS get your shit together... That is just so freaking sad. Your own freaking security software is flagging your own site. SAD....

(There is some good stuff in there, but it is wrapped up with such displeasure.)


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