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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Vista Vista Vista - New comment on Closure.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Closure.":

>>>>>But what is that statement a while up the thread about Vista being "a generation ahead of OS X" supposed to mean? That's just insane. I run Vista on my desktop. It's a stretch to say that Vista is even a generation ahead of XP.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Because, in your mind you assumed Steve Jobs is your god and OSX was better than XP. Whereas the fact is that both of these are absurd. Your statement and use of "even" looks like that somebody proved a mathematical theorem that OSX is better than XP. The fact is that 90% of XP users won't trade their XP with Mac. But they will be trading there XP with Vista. So logical conslusion

Vista is better than XP which is better than Mac.

When XP released it was a generation ahead of Apple. Apple did some catch-up until SP2, when XP again became way ahead of Apple. And now Vista seems to be unmatchable by Apple for at least next 3-4 years.

Stop taking PC vs Mac ads seriously. They are good homour and a very good marketing campaign for Vista on Apple's dollars. Through these ads more people get to know "Vista". When they go to their local retailer and/or search on the internet they realize how hypocrit Apple claims are. Apple end up pushing them Vista more effectively then our own marketing campaign can pull. Thanks you Apple!

(Even if I agree, it will all end in tears.)


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