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Friday, March 09, 2007

POS - New comment on There's Ray! Plus: Plenty of Room For More Brains at Microsoft.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "There's Ray! Plus: Plenty of Room For More Brains at Microsoft.":

"I am so god damn tired of reading these USELESS posts where people claim that Vista is a POS. In many of the posts, the people run the OS for a day or two and don't even bother following up on *any* issues they may have. Yet they somehow think that magic will happen, and 6 months from now a
service pack will be crapped out that will somehow fix all of these issues. Idiots."

Yeah, we human beings are a strange lot, aren't we! We get crapped on every step of the way by the big 'ol Softie...with unkept promises, backwards-looking OS's, WGA, force-fed features and more and just when we start to realize you REALLY DON'T give a shit about want us to cut you some slack!

That's right, not only do you want us to feel all "warm and fuzzy" about YOU when you bend us over our keyboards for some "Good Time Softie Sodomy" but you want us to enjoy the experience! "C'mon, tell me you like it!"

No, I don't like it! (Well, maybe that one time, in college) Ahem... but, I digress.

This cavalier, boorish and abusive behavior must anecdotally come from years of "havin' it your way" with force-fed software built upon half-measured features. You can't feel good about this crap, your job, yourself and so, a long, long time ago you made up your mind to feel good about being a monopolistic "King Turd on Shit Island" whose motto is, "Hey, if you don't like it...tough shit! We're doin' it anyway!"

You've had a true "bully pulpit" for years and, quite honestly, the only one's respecting you for it... nowadays... are your own scared little partner-esque butt buddies.

Now, as you can see lately, it's not going your way, is it? No, we've all HAD ENOUGH! Even slow-to-react John Q. Public is looking at Mac, Unbuntu and Google Apps.

Dude, if you fall as far as you've elevated yourself, there's going to be a lot of "Kerrrrrr-Splats" on the Sidewalk of Justice just outside 1 Microsoft Way. Maybe we can have Scoble come by and video it.

P.S. - And, no, Vista is NOT a Point of Sale OS, it's a Piece of Shit...OS!


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