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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Zune F-word Debacle - New comment on Time Travel Around the Windstorm

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Will you please post a main entry on what a fucking debacle the Zune is?

It has video support, but where the hell can you get video from? Nothing on the Zune store. But surely, you can get it from your media center - like every portable media center device released in the company history, right ? Wrong. Customers are forced to turn to blogs and websites or buy $50 third party packages.

Podcasts? Oh. They don't do that either.

ZunePass? Try buying something after the pass has expired. Oh. You can't. Not without deleting the ZunePass DRM'd files first. Oh, and if you downloaded 30 albums with a ZunePass and decided the Zune Pass isn't for you? Delete each of the 30 albums off your Zune manually, 'cuz it aint automatic.

Syncing? That's a whole other nightmare.

Windows MCE support? Sure, unless you're using MCE 2002 or 2004.

We are not first to market with an MP3 player, this is our entry to take on the market dominator, Apple.

What are the responses from the internal folks? "We didn't have time.", "Be patient."

My response (and responses you're seeing on blogs or hearing from friends?)

Fuck you.

If I paid $250 for a Zune, doled out big bucks for the Home AV kit, the car kit, etc. - I took a chance on you. You said you were cool, you said you were better, but you can't deliver atleast the same functionality you've been selling for a couple of years?

Fuck you,man, give me my money back so I can buy an iPod. That's what people are saying/doing.

(Alright, my mistake for letting too many f-word comments through; I guess I'm feeling prissy right now; if I have time, I'll repost this myself f'd up. But please raise the level of word selection in the meantime?)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Enough on the Giving - New comment on Time Travel Around the Windstorm

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Microsoft does lots of things for "good will," and because it's "the right thing to do" that don't increase our bottom line directly on any way.

Microsoft, like many large corporations, give not because it is "the right thing to do", but because if they didn't the public would notice. Why else would you so heavily advertise your generous giving as we do. TRUE giving doesn't include tooting your own horn about it. No, big corporation that give and advertise that fact... they do it for a reason and it's not "the right thing to do", it is "the smart business decision to look like a 'giving' company similar to peers, and the huge tax advantages and political capital reasons to mention a few." Get real, true good will = anonymous giving.

(Alright, this is not going in a productive direction. Putting the CRF brakes on.)